We all know that we are what we eat. And where we eat is also important. Everyone knows that bread always tastes better and water always feels fresher in a pleasant environment.

We want our guests to like our bread and water, but out main focus is on offering you proper Italian food. Our open kitchen right next to the dining hall helps to create the impression that you are at home. You can take a peek at how our food is cooked and even learn something new. Our classic wood-burning Italian pizza oven is a sign of quality for all true pizza lovers.

Our doors are open to everyone seven days a week and make sure you bring your children with you – we have a great children’s menu and also a nice play area.

We have a ramp for wheelchair access and a disabled toilet.

You can also visit our shop Rucola WineShop, where you can buy quality Italian wine, fresh pasta, cheese, ham and different desserts.


Your Rucola

Chef de Cuisine: Karin Ränk


                    Rucola Restoran & Pizzeria - Ehitajate tee 114a, Tallinn - T: (+372) 56 44 100